"I contain multitudes"
I believe that social and environmental stability define our future; and that a new generation of Jedi are rising.
I love the UCSB Bren Graduate School of Environmental Science and Management, where I recently got a degree.
I believe many of the most realistic, honest, and easiest solutions to environmental issues can be solved by rethinking waste streams. 
I have professional training and experience in business development, environmental science, graphic design, photography, video production, web design, and e-commerce optimization. I speak adobe natively and employ the creative cloud with extreme efficiency. I design systems within my personal and professional life to get more done. I use these skills and many more daily at Tidal Vision, where I now work full time.
I'm an optimist with a habit of deep adventure. My vulnerability projects here and here somewhat help explain me, and I'm using instagram.
Write me below to collaborate. It goes directly to my personal email address.
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